If there’s one question we crafty ass females often ask ourselves & are often in search of the answer to, it’s: WHAT’S MY THING? We hold – at a higher importance than most – this notion of doing in this world what we feel we were meant to do. ENTER: the latest podcast episode.

WHAT’S MY THING? is the question that basically rules my life. // Now, a ‘thing’ can mean many things (haa haa! #allday) but when I refer to a ‘thing’ – I mean it as the main thing you bring to the table, something special + unique about you that needs to be harnessed in order for it be valuable to others and fulfilling to yourself. Some people refer to it as your ‘secret sauce’. I think of it as this flow of energy calling to be directed into its sweet spot (aka – the manifestation of it in your life). Furthermore: my particular definition of a ‘thing’ GETS YOU PAID. (Dat’s right, honey!) The ‘sweet spot’ to me refers to when + how you can capitalize on it, and make a living.

So I repeat: WHAT’S MY THING?

Truth is: there has never been a time in history where there’s been more opportunity to grow from your ‘thing’ than now, but at the same time – EVERYBODY + their mother, grandmother, + grumpy cat are trying to do that – making it all the more challenging to get it going for yourself.

In the latest episode of Crafty Ass Female Kristin + I address this issue + more surrounding this question. // Click HERE to listen to the episode + subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

I also pose the question ‘Do you feel like you’ve had a life conducive to helping you figure out your thing?’ I asked this during the episode because I think it gets us stuck. It gets us stuck because when we are exposed to all these amazing examples of people just. like. us. – people we fully + wholeheartedly identify with & see ourselves in – tapping into their things and achieving recognition for their achievements and getting to work in the lucrative creative businesses of their choosing, we might feel like we’ve been cheated. We might feel like we didn’t grow up ‘supported’ in finding our ‘things’, so oh well for me. But I offer a different thought than that. Instead, I believe: the EXACT conditions of your life are setting you up for the EXACT evolution of what your ‘thing’ is supposed to be. Let that sink in a bit.

The EXACT conditions of your life are setting you up for the EXACT evolution of what your ‘thing’ is supposed to be.

No need to panic, love, just stay the course. Explore your curiosities. Keep at the things that inspire you + make you feel alive. Pay attention. Don’t RUSH your recipe. Learn from every experience. Trust that it’s all working in your favor – even when it doesn’t look like her success, her success, or her success. Eyes on your lane, honey, and continue calmly.

That’s a big theme in this latest episode: being still + self-aware enough to tap into what feels good, what you enjoy doing. What happens next is then you begin to talk about it or write about it or share it in some way, and getting positive feedback inspires you to keep doing it. As a result you spend more time – quiet hours practicing – getting better at this craft that makes you feel alive. More + more, it will start to feel like your dance, and you’ll learn the ‘moves’ and even start to make up some of your own steps. One day you look up, and realize…I’m tapping into my ‘thing’. Well, HOT DAMN.

A lot of people on the outside might look in on me and think I’ve found my ‘thing’, but remember what I mentioned at the start of this post: my particular definition of a ‘thing’ GETS YOU PAID, and I’ve yet to harness (<–that word is spot-on) my ‘thing’ in a way that I can capitalize on it, and make a living. Every day I get closer, and my journey thus far has been littered with enough bread crumbs for me to know I should keep on keeping on, but I get deep in this latest podcast episode, and express a fear I have regarding all this ‘thing’ talk…

I often wonder: what if my ‘thing’ involves my future children, but I won’t know it or find that out ’cause I’m making a series of conscious decisions to put off having kids until I tap into my ‘thing’ and am on my way to making a sustainable living from it?! GAH! This right here has been ON. MY. MIND. to the MAX, and I pose this question + discuss it w/ Kristin in this episode.

More than any other thing I’ve touched on in the podcast thus far, ^^THIS is the question I’d love to hear your feedback on, readers.  As females, our children play a major role in our ‘things’ whether they become part of our ‘thing’ or they become a giant interruption of us pursuing our ‘thing’. What’re your thoughts or experiences with this? //

The episode ends with Kristin relating Andrew Siciliano‘s story to the topic at hand, and it is such a good reference. I didn’t know about him (or anything about football really) before Kristin mentioned him in this episode, and it’s cracked me open with even more to think about in terms of WHAT’S MY THING? I highly recommend giving this one a listen. xoxo

Can you tell this is my favorite episode we’ve recorded so far? (I hope it becomes one of your faves too!) It seems fitting that it went live today – one month since our little podcast launched. YAY! // You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here, and if you’re enjoying the show — we would love it if you left a rating and a written review on iTunes, as it helps us get the word out to more crafty ass females around the world.

Thank you for all your continued support + good vibes. Kristin + I have been coming up with new topics and brainstorming ways to keep the podcast fresh, motivational, and fun! We’ve got a few things up our sleeve that need time to marinate, but we’re opened to any suggestions and welcome heartfelt feedback.

Happy new week, lovies! // Chat soon! xoxo

January 15, 2018

What’s my ‘thing’?

January 15, 2018

What’s my ‘thing’?


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