Tonight’s the night, you guys. This Is Us, season 2 kicks off and I don’t follow sports much, but this is what it must feel like on opening day. Like…mostly thrilled that you’re going to go on this passionate journey with this ‘team’ you’ve invested your heart into, but also a little nervous about the emotional toll it might take…the wins, the losses…

Grab your tissues to wipe those inevitable tears, and grab your printables to express yo’self on paper! Those are the best only coping mechanisms I can offer ya.

The Kleenex® brand, on the other hand, reached out to me after this post went live two weeks ago, and sent me a box FULL of coping mechanisms! (They seem to be the professionals.)

The box included what you see above: chamomile tea, chocolates, the softest coziest blanket, speech bubble photo props with quotes from the show (because a little humor goes a long way), an eye mask for puffy cry-eyes, and a box of tissues with the sweetest art work playing on the show’s title, saying ‘this is ME’ with cartoon cry faces…

…all of it themed for tonight’s premiere. All “self-care essentials” wrote Kleenex® so I’d be “prepared…when a #KleenexMoment” happens.” How cute is that?! …a ‘Kleenex®’ moment.

Hmmm…I never thought of describing ‘getting emotional’ that way, but I like it. I welcome it. Give me tears, and give me Kleenex®…it’s all a recipe for the human experience, and we really shouldn’t try to dodge it. Allow me to ramble explain…

…every time I meet someone new, or there’s a break in conversation with someone I already know, I ask the question “Do you watch This Is Us?” Surprisingly, more than half of the answers I get sound something like this: “Ummm…I heard it was good, but like, REALLY sad, and I don’t feel like crying every week.”

I usually nod my head to this, because…you know, I get it, and it’s true: the show makes you cry. But I almost always try to explain the kind of cry the show makes you have: the BEST. CATHARTIC. CRY. EVER. (Hence that card.)

I always say the show is a great blend of looking back and moving forward. THAT gets you. …and then with our present day reality being what’s its been, and all the political drama and division among people, the show’s themes are definitely hitting a sweet spot at this time in American culture.

So…of course we’re going to cry! We need to cry! We’re being so strong everywhere else! We’re being so productive and ‘happy’ and functioning everywhere else. The show is an incredible facade breaker, and I commend the writers, creators, and actors for making it so.

I feel as ready as I’m going to be for my #KleenexMoment tonight. I’ve already had a few with just the promo clips of the season…haa haa! It’s going to be bad, but also sooooo good! …and there goes the paradox again. It’s called emotion, and I’m not afraid of it.

I’ll end this post with some of my favorite #KleenexMoments from season 1 (WARNING: multiple spoiler alerts), and a final photo of what I’m going to look like tonight for the premiere…

Dr. K’s speech to Jack in the hospital.

That twist ending to the pilot episode, when Jack & we all realize…

Jack’s relationship with Kate…the pool, the Madonna party…DONE.

This episode between these two & this moment, & adult Randall’s take on it.

Everything about this scene, and Rebecca looking on.

This scene is still one of the hardest to watch for me. I identify with
holding back, and then things coming to the surface all at once.

the ‘Memphis’ episode: the story, the music, these two & this scene

Randall saying what he needed to say & quitting his job to honor
his father’s legacy.

William’s postcard to Beth.

Season 1’s final monologue from Jack to Rebecca, & him finishing with that wink.

This post was sponsored by Kleenex® but all the sentiments and opinions are my own. // P.S. – That blanket is life. Happy premiere watching!

September 26, 2017

GRAB YOUR TISSUES + YOUR PRINTABLES for tonight’s #KleenexMoment

September 26, 2017

GRAB YOUR TISSUES + YOUR PRINTABLES for tonight’s #KleenexMoment


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