Okay, yes, I know…I missed last Tuesday’s post on these, but here I am today making up for it with the last two weeks’ worth of episode printables.  Here are the bunch of cards I designed based on Kate & Randall’s parts of the trilogy on The Big Three entitled ‘Number Two’ and ‘Number Three’.

You can download these few with the following links:

Surprise surprise, I again agree with vulture.com’s recap saying, “Now that the Big Three Solo Episode Experiment has concluded, let’s weigh in: Kevin’s episode was clearly the most effective use of the format. ‘Number One’ added some much-needed depth to his character in an affecting way that would not have worked as well in a standard This Is Us episode.”

Let talk Kate’s episode. [deep sigh] Was anyone else a little disappointed by it? Was anyone else more touched by that episode’s trailer than the episode itself?! The trailer killed me — and based on Kevin’s episode, how raw the writers got Kevin to feel, and Justin Hartley’s performance, I thought Kate’s episode was going to wreck me. I even wrote that I was predicting a river of tears and snot. None came.

I felt the episode missed a myriad of opportunities to get Kate as raw as they did Kevin with her deep-seeded issue of feeling like things don’t work out for her – of feeling like she’s jinxed or something. I can relate to that! I wanted that heavily explored. The line where she blurts out to Toby that the miscarriage didn’t happen to him, it happen to her was the perfect opportunity! I kept wanting her to elaborate, but instead she just grimaced and held her tongue. NO! …and Chrissy Metz is capable of delivering! The scene at the camp in season 1 when she screams out all her pain still gives me chills, even to think about it — and why?! WHY, writers, didn’t you give that to her this episode?! WHYYYY?!

…and why didn’t we ever find out if Kate made it into Berkley or not?! That would have been another amazing opportunity to explore teenage Kate reaction and adult Kate’s build up of this ‘always (not) happening to me’ complex…because I think you can feel like you’re always falling victim to undesirable circumstances without actually being a victim, and I think that’s a big part of Kate’s story. She’s taken step after step throughout the series to not be a victim of her weight, or others’ judgment about her weight, but there is still this feeling at the core that things won’t work out for her even still. THAT’S SO GOOD, and it so sucked that this episode didn’t take advantage of that, like, at all.

Also…I mentioned last time that I was hoping to see adult Kate get to ‘interact’ with Jack the way Kevin did with Coach Duff – which I think would have been a nice consistency in each episode of the trilogy…but nope. Didn’t happen. Instead there was lots of surface fluff with Toby, which I feel like was the first batch of inauthentic convos they’ve had. I overall felt the episode could have been done better, but what I did like…

…was the couple of exchanges between Rebecca and Kate, and the juxtaposition of the convo with teenage Kate and the execution of it years later with adult Kate, showing up at her door. Lately, I feel like it’s been ‘Rebecca to the rescue’ and Mandy friggin’ Moore has been knocking it out of the park, in my opinion.

Okay, now Randall’s turn. Can I just say that I looooove Randall and Beth, and I looooove Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson?! So good. This episode did not use the trilogy format as effectively as the Kevin episode did, but I thought this episode explored Randall a decent amount (even though his character didn’t need it as badly as Kevin or Kate did) and gave us some really This Is Us-y moments to love forever.

William! Oh, more William, please! Always and forever! Everything William says is stellar. The imagined montage of him knocking on the door and being a part of young Randall’s life?! AHHHHH! The fact that the show can even flash us back to imagined pasts and get us to cry, now that’s pioneering television! …and the few seconds of screen time when William and Randall both tilt their heads back in contemplation of what could have been and why it hadn’t….LAWD! Have mercy!

I will love all the moments with Deja forever as well. “My foster dad taught me that” was absolutely adorable. That scene saying goodbye in the driveway…puh-lease. Totaled me. The background song, so much going on underneath all their lines, I cried when they cried. I felt like Deja was just getting started, and now she’s gone, but Beth and Randall deciding to open their house to another child…and getting a sneak of the next…gasp…little boy…it’s all what Jack said in that convo between him and Randall in Washington D.C. : a spectacular choice because Randall has built this spectacular life and spectacular home….

Truth: I needed those words. I’ve been feeling really off balance lately, and I needed to be reminded that “it’s the ride”. Also, even without directly saying it, Jack’s ‘speech’ was reference to Pac-Man (a big theme of this episode) with the lose it, find it, and lose it again. It was inevitable that a Pac-Man printable card was coming, so here it is, customized to our colors, with parts of Randall’s chat with Beth about it…

I wish I could have fit Beth’s “Baby, whatchu talkin’ ’bout?” in there, but you know…goes without saying. 😉 Randall’s metaphor: “…the game really hasn’t changed, just different people playing it…” is both bleak and beautiful, and the mid-season 2 finale ending with Jack looking at the living room filled with his family, and the words ‘GAME OVER’ showing on the screen before end credits…oh boy. I’m just NOT ready for what’s going to come our way next year.

What I am ready for is the much needed month’s break from designing these guys. Yay. I’m truly proud of the cards that have resulted, proud of being able to turn this budding little memory keeping idea into a reality, but it’s been a lot of work and taken up a lot of time. // Thank you to you memory keepin’ paper babes who found value enough in this little project of mine to print some and share, as that made it all worthwhile.

My personal album that has resulted is great. I really do love it, but come the new year, I have to reevaluate what I spend my precious time on…and how I could possibly generate income from any of it. I’m sure you understand. I definitely have a lot of thinking and planning to do, but only time will tell what comes of that. // Thank you, as always, for visiting and allowing me to share my weird little interests with you. // The next new episode of This Is Us airs on Tuesday, January 9th…wait for it…2018. ??? Don’t worry, I don’t know how we got here either. Let’s just roll with it.

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December 5, 2017

‘THIS IS US’ Printables // S2 E9 & E10

December 5, 2017

‘THIS IS US’ Printables // S2 E9 & E10


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