Here are the bunch of cards I designed based on last week’s episode entitled ‘Brothers’ and while the episode explored the differences between the obvious pair of brothers we know and love: Kevin and Randall, by the end of the episode, we were introduced to another pair of brothers! Yet another mystery meant to be solved, another piece of the puzzle that adds up to Jack’s…no…death. #allthetears

You can download these few with the following link:


I’m most definitely more like Randall than I am Kevin, however I do try to put on a brave, happy face when I’m doubtful or fearful or anxious inside. But then again, Randall did do that too in season 1. However, the brothers are motivated by different things. …like, Randall’s brave face in season 1 during his breakdown was motivated by the need to have it all together, his perfectionistic tendency. Meanwhile, Kevin is  motivated by outward appearances, and his need to be ‘the cool guy ‘ in which nothing phases. So interesting!

Rebecca ended up going to Jack’s father’s bedside when she got the call that he was dying, and Jack did NOT want to leave the boys and their camping trip to meet her there. “That man’s been dead to me for a long time,” says Jack, and then he and Rebecca have the exchange that I put on the card above. I think it was one of their sweetest comments to each other yet.

Also, when you saw Jack’s father laying there in the bed with the tubes in his nose, did it remind you of any other moment in the show? Did it remind you of Memphis and William’s death? I couldn’t help but feel like we were at this place before of ‘father laying there dying’, yet it was sooooo interesting to see how incredibly different both dads’ final hours were. William only met his son Randall a few months prior to his death, yet there was so much love, respect, and admiration between them. Jack grew up with his father, yet all love, respect, and admiration for his father dissolved years ago, seemingly from when he was a little boy — which is what I think that flashback of adorable little Jack in the truck was meant to convey. // Below is how this bunch looks in my album, all filled out digitally.

You guys, we are five episodes in to this season, and I am so excited for tonight’s Halloween-themed episode! We’re going to get a peek into The Big Three as 20 year olds, and see how Tess came into the world! // Thanks for tuning in and letting me fan girl and share what I’ve been working on.  // Happy watching tonight & happy Halloween! xoxo!

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October 31, 2017

‘THIS IS US’ printables // S2 E5

October 31, 2017

‘THIS IS US’ printables // S2 E5


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