Happy This Is Us Tuesday or #tissueTuesday or whatever you want to call today! Here are the bunch of cards I designed based on last week’s episode entitled ‘Deja Vu’ and UH! it was filed with so many good moments…including almost every single line Sylvester Stallone delivered!

You can download these few with the following link:


I love the storyline that Sylvester Stallone was cast to be a part of: that he was Jack’s favorite actor, and that he now stars in a movie with Kevin’s character – forcing Kev to face the bottled up grief he’s had about his father’s death. I love what he says to Kate about not caring about what other people think, and I love what he says to Kevin about time (hence this week’s quote card)…

I also created an ‘episode recap’ card because I felt that there were SO MANY great moments in last week’s episode that I wanted to jot down. Firstly, the two new characters we’re introduced to: the little scruffy pup we saw Kate crying into at the end of the first episode, and Deja.

Everything about Randall’s family surrounding Deja’s arrival is sooo interesting to me: how he reads blogs to learn how to do this foster thing ‘right’, and Beth’s reaction to all of it: “It’s only been three hours.”  I loved Tess and Annie’s late night convo with Deja, and how Annie fondly flashed back to William when Deja said “This house is crazy.” …and that empathetic convo Randall had with her about that sweet sweet ‘deja vu’ feeling, and relating it to his life growing up.

I also loooooove the chemistry Jack and Rebecca have (who doesn’t?!) but their exchange outside of the car, when Bec thinks her date night attempt to get Jack to open up failed, but actually – in the last second – it worked.  Jack explains he feels like he’s hanging on by a thread, and Rebecca’s certainty of his strength to overcome it all is so moving. She repeats “I know” in such a powerful way, and sometimes that’s really all you need: certainty from your partner, when you are doubtful and afraid. SO GOOD. I teared up at that part.

Above is how episode 2 and 3 of this season looks in my album…and I’m happy with this little design project. You know, whether these free printable cards are your thing or not, I’m learning a lot about my design process through making them. I’m practicing my craft in manageable chunks each week – I’m reteaching myself about consistency in design and repetition. …and most importantly with this project: I’m learning to let go. …to clearly start and clearly finish, get a weekly blast of cards done and let go of the imperfections or the cards that weren’t made. You know?

That is something I have to practice. This little project is how I’ve been practicing. Thanks for being a witness to it. // Have fun and happy watching tonight! xoxo!

October 17, 2017

‘THIS IS US’ Printables // S2 E3

October 17, 2017

‘THIS IS US’ Printables // S2 E3


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