I posted about the season 2 premiere last week and can’t believe Kleenex® ended up sharing the link to it on their social media, and I couldn’t believe what I was watching by the end of the episode! I heard somewhere that this season of This Is Us is going to be darker, and we’re going to dive into each characters’ demons a little bit more. Sheesh! Here are the #ThisIsUSprintables I created for last week’s episode.

You can download these few with the following link:


The episode card image had to go to that haunting image of Rebecca driving solo at the end, with that eerie version of U2’s ‘One’ playing in the background. Gosh, whoever is in charge of the mood and atmosphere of this show is doing a really great, heart-breakingly phenominal job. That scene is so crushing! …anyway, the card that I created to accompany it plays on that scene with Beth and Randall outside the adoption clinic.

Randall: Are you fake smoking?

Beth: Yes.

I loved that little gem of a detail between those two. Also, the more I find out about Beth, the more I love her character. (This article from theroot.com talks about this.) …and I can’t believe by the end of the episode she was the one to push him to the adoption decision they finally make. I did NOT see that coming, and that story line is SOOO GOOD. I’m so excited to see where that goes!

The quote card for the episode went to William, and was what the title is in reference to.  You can hear William’s voice narrating this last part of his poem just as Rebecca walks up to the door and knocks for Jack to come to it. // The last card of the bunch for this episode is an opportunity to journal thoughts and/or theories or favorite parts.

My new ‘this is us’ yellow Snap album was delivered, and these cards have been placed inside. I digitally journaled on mine, and used the lined card to talk how I felt about the key moments of the show: Randall & Beth’s decision, Kate’s reaction to her audition, and of course…that ending and those clues. Gosh, Rebecca’s scream at the end kills me.

BONUS FUN: In addition to the cards for memory keeping, I also added planner components to this printable! One is a planner-sized episode card (that mirrors the bigger version) to memory keep about the episode, and the other is a place holder to stick down on Tuesday night in your planner as a reminder the show will be coming on!

Below, you can see how I placed mine over my planner strip on the bottom of Tuesday’s column – right in the 9pm spot! So fun!

That’s what I got for you today, planner babes, memory keepers, This Is Us watchers, and paper crafters! // Thank you to those who have shown interest and even printed some and shared it on their social media! I hope you have as much fun using them as I had making them! xoxo!

October 3, 2017

‘THIS IS US’ Printables // S2 E1

October 3, 2017

‘THIS IS US’ Printables // S2 E1


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