A few weeks ago I shared photos from the Thursday night my sister and I spent painting pumpkins at my dining table. These bunch of pumpkins were what resulted on my end.

I think about Halloween ALL YEAR LONG (it’s my second favorite holiday, after 4th of July). I tend to pin to my Halloween Pinterest board on a consistent, weekly basis – and I’m quite proud of the ideas that I’ve accumulated. Three images from that board were the sole inspiration for these few chic, mixed-media embellished pumpkins and you can see those images HERE, HERE, and HERE.

For me each year, painting pumpkins is this incredible, therapeutic season-driven release. It’s like my inward self check-in with a paint brush. In past years, I’ve need my painted pumpkin(s) to help me through the passing of a childhood pet, and the start of my new job w/ me & my BIG ideas.

This year (and really since moving into my apartment) my pumpkins have served as the main seasonal decor. Black, white, gold, grey, & pink is my preferred modern, feminine color palette of choice, and I love seeing how it’s evolved a bit passed the intense brights I was drawn to a couple of years ago.

I painted three bigs and six mini pumpkins. I used star stickers and studs and sequins and pom-poms and adhesive rhinestones, but it was the thick, opaque paint strokes on each on of these that was my favorite part of the process. Simply ‘color-on-pumpkin’ was the most relaxing, refreshing activity — and while I waited for a coat to dry on one pumpkin, I’d paint the crap out of another. It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

What’s trending in pumpkin painting now is to do it on a fakie pumpkin, and have it last you every Halloween for the rest of your life. My sister opted for that, since she literally creates masterpieces on them. This year, I kept to real deal pumpkins, but that grey, studded big one and that white pom-pom one has since left us. Both their bottoms started melting from underneath and it was DEF time to trash ’em.

Perhaps next year, I’ll invest in a few fakies and these chic designs could adorn my home for years and years to come…

I love that crescent moon pumpkin (as it reminds me of those amazing dancing crescents during the Solar Eclipse), but it also kind of looks like a croissant. Haa haa!

How ’bout you, babes? What are your Halloween decorating traditions?
Do you paint pumpkins, or do you carve?

October 2, 2017

PUMP(KIN) IT UP for 2017

October 2, 2017

PUMP(KIN) IT UP for 2017


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