I’m not much of a ‘purple’ person, but my planner strips for May last year were this beautiful violet color, and it’s always stuck out in my mind to give a lovely shade of lavender its time to shine this month. Furthermore, I’ve been HELLA inspired by my neighborhood magnolia tree. I decided to combine the two and WAH LAH: May’s planner strips were born!

May’s strips are NOW AVAILABLE exclusively to my e-mail newsletter subscribers, but don’t worry if you’re not yet signed up… You can click the following link to subscribe:


WHAT ARE PLANNER STRIPS? They are printable designs I created in the summer of 2016 to lay atop my Happy Planner® pages in order for the blank daily columns to become hourly + lined. (Visit this hashtag to see how I’ve used them in the past & to gain inspiration from other planner babes who have used them as well: #ARZ_PlannerStrips.)

THE SCOOP ON ‘EM: Basically, they’ve changed my functional planning for the better! I’ve always needed lines and hours for optimal organization. Once I print them out, trim them down, and prep the upcoming month with them — I add my stickers and embellishments right on top!

They come in the CLASSIC size or BIG, and I will be releasing a new set each month, changing up the color for added fun and flair.

I’ve created a few 1-minute promo videos featuring my planner strips, but I haven’t had the time to invest in all the build-up content for this month’s batch. I’m assuming you guys get the deal by now, but if not, you can look through the archives of past month’s planner strip posts. Or, if you want the FULL walkthrough all about my process with them, you can watch my intro video on YouTube.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: There were a few things that came up the last couple of months that I wanted to address here.

(1) How come some planner babes have the planner strips in grey? Did you make them in grey?

Nope, I did not make them in grey. Those planner babes that showed spreads with grey planner strips (see HERE and HERE for examples) got them by printing my colored planner strips in their printer’s black & white setting. So clever!

(2) My planner strips didn’t exactly fit my planner. What happened?

This could have happened for several reasons. FIRST: make sure you’ve printed the CLASSIC size strips for your CLASSIC Happy Planner® and the BIG size strips for your BIG Happy Planner®. Common mistake.

SECONDLY: Make sure when you go to print, your printer’s scale is on 100%. Some printers automatically try to ‘fit to page’ and might be scaling the printable down to 96% or something. Double check this setting in your printer’s pop-up window.

THIRDLY: There is grey dotted line around all my planner strips that read “cut here” and that’s where you should trim your planner strips to, not the actual solid black line surrounding each planner strip. The strips need that little bit of white buffer space around them to complete cover the blank columns you’re placing them over.

(3) I signed up to your newsletter, but I still can’t get access to your strips.

When you sign up, there are like two or three emails that need to confirm you into my little virtual newsletter clubhouse before you receive the final welcome e-mail that contains the link to where you can download my planner strips. If a day goes by and you never receive that final welcome e-mail, please contact me, and we’ll work it out together. (Be sure to check your spam folder for it too!) ????

(4) I signed up to your newsletter, I received the final welcome e-mail with the link to your strips, but when I follow it, it says “can only be downloaded on a computer.” What’s up with that?

Most likely you’ve seen this message on your phone. Don’t worry, once you hop on your laptop or at-home computer and click the e-mail link from there, you’ll be taken to the page where you can download. You can only download and print my planner strips from a computer, not your phone. ????

(5) When I print the Planner Strips, they just print a blank white pages or black. Why is this happening??? 

If you’re having any issues while printing, try to save the pop-up window as a file to your computer, and then try to print. // One girl who had the issue of my planner strips coming out all white said she fixed it by re-downloading the file and telling the printer to ‘clean itself’. She said she then printed from the dowloaded file and not the pop-up web window. I suggest trying those things.

(6) I’ve read through everything this post contains, done everything it’s told me to do, and I still can’t gain access to your Planner Strips!  What do I do? Help! 

I’m here to help. Simply contact me via this form, and I’ll reply back with a direct link to the strips and baddabingbaddaboom: problem solved!

Thank you so much for visiting today, and for letting me share my designs with you! // I would appreciate it – if you do decide to download, print, and use these designs – to tag me @amandarosezamp on IG so I can see your creations! // Here’s hoping May heals our cold winter hearts once and for all! xoxo

April 27, 2018


April 27, 2018



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