So, for those who don’t know, I’m the Social Media Coordinator for the company me & my BIG ideas, the company who created The Happy Planner™. You can get an idea of what I do on the daily from this post, but aside from the daily social media tasks I do at home, another big part of my role in the company is to attend trade shows and conferences and let potential new customers in on the secret: The Happy Planner™ will change your life and there is a community of planner babes out there that YOU belong to.

This weekend, I did that at Pinners Conference in Arlington, Texas with this team of babes workin’ The Happy Planner™ booth with me:

top row // Chantelle, Chandler, Stephanie, Janna, Thuy  |  bottom row // me & Hannah

OMG. STOP THE PRESS! THESE LADIES. These^ friggin’ ladies right here. BOOTH. BABES. // I am blessed to have this job because it’s teaching me so much and allowing me to grow in this industry I adore and DUH! The Happy Planner™, but THESE ladies are the cherry on top! They are the sweetest, most genuine people I know, maybe because we’re each other’s people. You know, you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but maybe because of our love of paper/stickers/planning/girl-bossing/creativity whatever it is, we’re each other’s cup of tea. Who knows? …and why question it? All I know is it’s working, we vibe, and I’m HELLA grateful for ever last drop of it.

We got there on Thursday to set up the booth. We all wore our Happy Planner™ hats and were TOTAL booth babes assembling shelves, installing the floor, stocking inventory, ironing polka-dot table cloths, making the layout flow, styling the planner bar, and prepping the make-and-take station.  It was a lot of work, but as you can see in the after photo, well worth it. The booth looked great!

Friday was our ‘Day 1’ at Pinners, TX and the girls and I were in our black & white best ready to go. Steph had a news spot to film, and Hannah and I were being clowns on social media (as usual).  Our long day was busy and full.

I conducted three demos throughout the weekend at the Michaels booth, and learned something about myself: I CAN DO THIS. I am a communicator, plain and simple. Set my loud ITALIAN mouth from Queens, New York FREE about a product/topic I’m passionate about, and watch me FLY! That was my time spent at the Michaels booth. I hope I encouraged the women that watched me to start filling their Happy Planners™, and educated them a bit about the different ways they could do so! Sign me up for the next demo/chat fest!

Back over at The Happy Planner™ booth, the girls and I passed the weekend educating new customers on the system, meeting & connecting with local members of the planner community, drooling over Janna Wilson‘s lettering, and soaking up all of the planner talk and fun!

Also, PHOTOBOOTH ACTION! At our turquoise photo backdrop, you could pose with one of our GIANT (!!!) Happy Planners™ and hashtag the photo on Instagram #TheHappyPlannerBOOTH_TX for a chance to win one of the brand new Happy Planner™ Tote Bags equipped with two of our brand new accessories: a Happy Planner™ Deluxe Cover, and a Happy Planner™ Sticker Carrier.

The BEST part of the weekend had to be the meeting/hugging/chatting/laughing with so many beautiful planner babes! Some I met for the first time, and some who’ve been my friends on social media for a while now.

One of those social media friends of mine was Erica – @ericacanant on Instagram. I don’t remember how we ‘met’ on social media or when, but commented often on each other’s output, and organically became friends. She, interested in my weird Snapchat Madonna singing and posts about my boyfriend and cats, and me interested in her party planning and family life with two little girls and now baby boy on the way! We just clicked, perhaps through our Happy Planner™ posts originally, and ‘Snapchat besties’ is what we proclaimed ourselves.

Then I met this lady in person, and DUH. Again…even miles away- when your vibe vibes with someone – just DUH. Hello! Another one of my people. I’m convinced she’s my sister from another mister, we call each other ‘bae’, and after our spontaneous deer Snapchat video, she’s now my wittle deer. I feel like God wanted us to meet to sprinkle love, support, conversation, planner fun, and positivity in each other’s lives. That’s good enough for me, and I’ll accept that energy in my life with open arms, no questions asked.

In fact, I believe that’s the energy that God invited into the lives of ALL the planner babes that made it out this weekend. Especially at the Post-Pinners Mambi Meet-Up at Michaels in Arlington.


The event was a Happy Planner™ meet-up after party type thing where all the beautiful, inspiring planner babes you see above attended. (There were 50 of us!)

Heather Kell, who most of you know on Instagram as @kellofaplan, spent the last few months being an amazing supporter, cheerleader, and brand ambassador for mambi all on her own accord. Once Pinners TX was announced, Heather thought up the idea for this meet-up, put it in motion, and spent so much time on making it feel welcoming and fun. She went above and beyond hosting this event, from the decor to ice-breaker BINGO, and we were so appreciative of her efforts! The party was an immense success & you can read Heather’s experience at Pinners HERE, HERE, and HERE!

For me, personally, I was glad to have met her in person. I found out Heather, along with the group of women below, were fantastically authentic! They’re were not in attendance solely for the giveaways. Most stayed after everyone left to help clean up and walk Steph & I out. It was clear they are in this for the love of crafting. They are in this to inspire and be inspired by each other.

You can (and should) find and follow these ladies on their Instagram accounts here: @kellofaplan, @janetrcave, @momandagirlwithplans, @ericacanant, @nicki_planner, @planthehappies, @thenotableliz, @omgstationeryco. Beautiful planner pages on each of their accounts, and beautiful souls that shine through.

There was magic in the air last weekend. I woke up the next morning, with Pinners completed and a plane to catch, HEART FULL & GRATITUDE HIGH. I woke up early, when to the downstairs lobby to get coffee, and before I returned to room to pack, I caught a glimpse of the Six Flags Over Texas silhouette in the sunrise.

God, I thought, so much has happened in the past two years (heck, five years) but two years ago is where my mind went. Two years ago I was actually living not far from where I had spent the Pinners weekend. I moved to Texas in 2014 to be with my on/off boyfriend of 8 years, I had just started my job with me & my BIG ideas, and The Happy Planner™ had not even hit the market yet!

In two years time, I moved back to New York and left him for good, joined a gym and lost 22 pounds, met John – the love of my life, moved into my dream apartment, ended a 30-year friendship, made countless new friends, helped grow the Happy Planner™ community, took up dancing again, performed in two routines, and HECK! …returned to Texas two years later to be a part of the event that was the mambi experience at Pinners – in the midst of The Happy Planner™’s WILD success!

What the heck is life?! I’m not exactly sure, but I’ll take it. I’m in awe of it. That is all.

Any given time in your life is just that – only a piece of the full picture. It is fleeting, so you best believe I’m smart enough to take a snapshot of it, and put it in my memory keeping planner when its as good as this weekend was. I’m so acutely aware of how day to day life seems monotonous, but over an elapsed amount of time the evolution becomes evident. I’m starting to trust every present moment and its role in getting me to where I’m supposed to be.

• Read me & my BIG ideas account of the weekend on their blog. •

September 17, 2016

my weekend @ Pinners Conference TX

September 17, 2016

my weekend @ Pinners Conference TX



    September 17th, 2016 at 5:43 pm

    Lovely post!


    September 19th, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Thank you, lovie! XOXO

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