I usually wait until the 1st of the new year to post about my one little word®, but then I realized that was just another self-imposed limit I place on my creativity and the content I have to share with the world – which is one of the reasons why LIMITLESS is the word I’ve chosen for 2018.

Actually the duo LIMIT/ LIMITLESS is what I want to explore. I’ve been curious about when it might be necessary to set limits, or even helpful. I also want to become more aware of when I might ‘follow rules’ or a listen to a boss or a parent or even my own self-imposed standards that limit my capabilities and potential for accomplishing fun, great things.

The latest episode of Crafty Ass Female, the new podcast I cohost, is centered around Ali Edwards’ one little word® project and how Kristin and I have been participating in this project for years. We talk about our past words, our process throughout the year with them, and why we chose the words we did for 2018.

I mention in the podcast that my word this year scares me a little. I feel like I felt at the start of 2014 – the hardest year of my life – needing to find a new job, feeling a little lost, and not knowing which end is up. I guess I’m scared that this upcoming year is going to ‘work me to the limit’ again. It also might be my usual wintertime anxiety, or that all my fears flare up when change is upon us – good or bad, or when I’m unsure of something, or when I don’t have all the answers.

I’m scared because I don’t know exactly how I’m going to apply the word, like I did the past two years with REFRESH & BIG.  However, I do know this is my word. I opened a fortune cookie that read “Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist.” I’ve seen it jump out at me left & right from written work I’ve read. This print. HULLO! I’ve know it’s been the word, as I explain in the podcast. I just need to chill out + roll with it, but #storyofmylife. // On to how I’ve documented…

I placed a full-page photo of my one little word® design in front of The Happy Planner® I’m going to use for memory keeping. I did this last year (see above), and loved the visualization it attached to my word. This year, I chose a favorite photo from recent years that captured the positive vibe of ‘limitless’ I hope materializes, and then used this image from Pinterest to inspire the style. I adhered the design right on top of 2017’s ‘year at glance’ page because this book is about 2018 only.

So, yes, loves. LIMITLESS is my one little word® this year & I’m scared. Haa haa! You can hear my conversation on the Crafty Ass Female podcast all about my thoughts + feelings going into 2018 w/ LIMITLESS, and Kristin’s and my experience in the past with out other words. //

This is my seventh (!!!) year choosing a word for the year. LIMITLESS is joining last year’s REFRESH, 2016’s BIG, 2015’s PROOF, 2014’s WORK, 2013’s MAKE, and 2012’s MOVEMENT. At the end of this year, all seven words will be a part of me, and we shall see what comes of it. Cheers to that, lovies!

December 19, 2017

my one little word for 2018 : LIMITLESS

December 19, 2017

my one little word for 2018 : LIMITLESS


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