We are two-thirds of the way done with 2017 (!!!) and I thought since I’m all ‘back at blogging’, I’d write this post updating you all on the status of the one little word I chose for this year: REFRESH. On January 1st, I wrote about why ‘refresh’ was my word, stating that I needed a little boost, just like the little circle arrow icon you press when your webpage is stuck. ‘Same content, little boost’ was the idea behind choosing refresh.

This is my sixth year participating in the one little word® intention, and it never ceases to amaze me how this project shows up in my life. In just the first week of January alone, I discovered, fell in love with, and binge-watched my new favorite T.V. show: NBC’s This Is Us, and my new little baby cousin Raelyn was born!!! Both of these things have been a consistent source of rejuvenation – and they came into my life right out the gate!

I also mentioned in my original post that I wanted to rest more, which has been interesting because at the same time as I have taken more naps, and slept-in more than I’d like to admit — I’ve actually needed to because of how much I’ve been working. So ‘refresh’ has been a sort of paradox —

— I never thought I would leave me & my BIG ideas as suddenly as I felt I needed to at the start of the summer. I definitely thought I’d be working there all this year, while trying to figure out how to best refresh my career path. However, as it turned out, I had this intense urge to leave just when I did, and that basically catapulted me into coming up with what’s next — ready or not — and yawl (the New Yorker version of ya’ll) that takes work and time and keeps you damn busy.

Work, time, and being busy hardly sounds like any type of refresh, but how the word has surprised me is that often times in order to get a new and refreshed state, you gotta put the work in. In my original post, I said :

I want to REFRESH my brand and what I stand for. I’ve been working on a major overhaul of this website and blog behind the scenes, and with it will – without a doubt – come a REFRESH of motivation and a REFRESH on my short and long-term business goals.  This has been on the farthest realm of the backburner for the past couple of years, and I’m so excited to put it at the top of my priority list this year. I deserve to.”

…and here we are. I set out to do it, and I’m here, in-process, and it’s great….but to get to this brand refresh and refresh of motivation and my long and short-term business goals – I’ve needed to put in months of work. Tons of research, Saturday mornings, lots of brainstorming, and trials and errors, and I’m still going… it was a great summer, but it’s been a swirling mix of one item to the next. I took a major hiatus from social media and any kind of public posting, but I’ve been creating content behind the scenes like mad. A refreshing step back in one aspect, and a task-oriented push for a refresh in another aspect.

This dynamic has been so interesting. This word has taken my hand and pulled me along the two-thirds of this year so far.

So what’s planned for the last one-third of 2017? Going with the flow, trusting the tide, and seeing where my word leads me. I’ve also been thinking of revisiting my #100DaysofREFRESHMENT for the last 100 days of the year, starting on September 23rd. I imagine creating a checklist of 100 ways to get refreshed – a free download I can share with all of you – and do this thing together. Thoughts? We’ll see what I come up with, and what time allows for…

…I also think I might have already landed on my one little word for 2018. I’m weird like that.

How about about you guys? 
What is your one little word for the year,
and how’s it been going?

September 6, 2017

one little word 2017 : status update

September 6, 2017

one little word 2017 : status update


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