Last week I wrote about how I got an apartment (thee! apartment) that is going to be my first place. Since I’m so excited, I thought I’d share its floor plan with you all.

Since finding out I got the apartment, my dad and I have been meeting with attorneys and filling out mountains of paperwork. With every passing day it’s becoming more and more official. I’ve been pinning home things like crazy, taking out decor books from the library, stalking the streets of my new neighborhood, uploading and printing out the floor plan, and (as you can see below) scribbling my layout ideas all over it.

The first thing you might notice about the apartment is it’s only 1 bedroom. This might not seem like a problem being that I’m a single girl and a 1 bedroom apartment should be able to provide me with an ample amount of space. However, I’m a single girl with a lot of craft supplies. A whole room‘s worth in fact. I was looking for a 2 bedroom and planning on that second bedroom becoming an inspiring studio space (#6 on my 30 IN 30 list).

However, this apartment was wildly under budget, on the top floor, in a safe neighborhood, with upgrades and lots of light and open space. The whole family agreed this was thee place for me to have my first place, and so even without a designated office/studio room, I decided to do it.

There’s a large open area near the windows in the main living space and it’s dying to be filled with a looooong dining room table that can seat at least eight people. That’s my solution to the problem of no second bedroom to craft in. I plan to buy a storage cabinet or hutch or something that can house my crafting supplies, and that long dining room table will serve as my workspace. The den/alcove right off the foyer is where I imagine putting my iMac computer and desk space, although another option is somewhere in the bedroom.

I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to laying out furniture in a space, but it sure is fun to sketch out different ideas.  I’ve been dreaming about having my own place for the past ten years, and I’m incredibly grateful that it’s finally in the works.

One of the home decor books I rented from the library contained a quote by Carrie McCarthy that read “When you intentionally decorate the look and feel of your space, you become more genuinely yourself, more at home in your skin and in your space.” That’s what I’m hoping this adventure in my first place is: me becoming more genuinely myself through my space and in my space and because of my space. More on it to come.

March 24, 2015

my first place // the floor plan & layout ideas

March 24, 2015

my first place // the floor plan & layout ideas


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