This past weekend I started to feel the intentions I had internally set for myself + discussed in this podcast episode bubble up to the surface + want to be put down on paper. I waited for them to tell me when it was time, and after several different drafts, their final destination landed them on the back ‘notes’ page of my BIG Happy Planner®.

In the planner episode of the podcast, I talked to Kristin about how getting your intentions for the year down on paper – without assigning them a date or a deadline – allows you to have your goals in sight, ready to be assigned to the time when you’re in the right state of mind + flow to begin taking action steps to execute them, one by one. // My list is as follows…

I’ll start with the top three BIG goals for the year that I’ll be chipping away at on a daily basis:

• my behind-the-scenes product // I have been hinting at this “top secret” product for a while now and I thought I’d be further along in the process at this point, as I explain in this podcast episode. I’m currently at a very real standstill trying to find a company to help me manufacture + package it. I recently sent out what I called an ‘official S.O.S.’ asking for help if you ‘know a guy’, but yeah! Working on this new product & actually getting it made to market & sell this year…and quite possibly bring to a trade show/conference to pitch it wholesale…that’s the BIG, TOP PRIORITY, SCARY, MONSTER goal of 2018 – so of course, first on my list.

• Crafty Ass Female podcast // Starting the podcast last year was a pretty spontaneous move, which is out of character for me. Kristin + I talked about it in the summer of ’17, and built up to a solid launch in December ’17, but it’s been surprising how well it has been coming together, considering it’s been this project I’ve been working on peripherally in the background. I’m so used to sinking my whole being + focus into art I make or work I do, but this has been happening happily in this sustainable weekly space as a supplement to everything else I already have going on. Keeping to this working weekly routine is a major goal this year. Possibly working toward a ‘season 2’ of the podcast is a goal. We also want to engage new listeners, maintain listeners we currently have, and keep the podcast fresh, motivational, and fun. This will include shareable graphics + other takeaways, and a crafty Summer challenge (for now).

• my ARZ brand – website/blog/newsletter/social media // This one is kind of self-explanatory, but I’ll explain anyway, what the hell… I want to grow my online presence and make authentic connections with you who choose to invest time in my content. I want to upkeep and maintain this website and blog, and get better at honing my style, message, & ways of sharing it. I also want to start utilizing analytics – which is hard for me b/c I am not a numbers girl – to understand how to better engage. Oh yeah: and what to do with my YouTube channel, and decide when Vimeo is more appropriate (likely to bump to 2019’s list).

These next four are CREATIVE PROJECTS I want to work on this year:

• Release a set of Planner Strips every month this year. // Since leaving The Happy Planner® team, my Planner Strips have been the way I’ve still felt connected to the planner community that I fostered for so long, and the product whose journey I was on since the beginning. To have a year’s worth of themed, colorful planner printables as evergreen content on this space ’til the end of time that my fellow #plannerbabes can access if they feel the need for hours+lines or to try something new … that would mean SO much to me.

• my one little word® 2018: limitless // I talked about ‘limitless’ being my word back in this post, but moving forward with it this year, I think I want to use it attached to other words that apply to whatever season I’m in. So far LIMITLESS HOPE is what my olw has been ringing in my ears + heart + mind.

• 30 Days of Lists // This is a fun, creative listing challenge that takes place during two months of the year, and I’m goaling to participate in the first one this March. There’s an upcoming podcast episode on this challenge, writing lists as a creative tool in general, and what Kristin + I call ‘low impact projects’.

• #The100DayProject // This is another on-going creative challenge I want to work on this year as well, started by Elle Luna. The exact start date hasn’t been released yet, but it usually begins in April. I already know what I’ll be doing for a hundred days, and am going to set rules for it and keep it simple, doable.

Here are a few personal goals I’m referring to as EXTRAS:

• work + money + time // I need to get myself some health insurance. That’s actually top priority this week. Money-wise, I’m going to live within my means as I have been. Save all I can. Keep track of my bills and what I’m spending on. Try to invest time into money-making opportunities (even though understanding what those are is really hard for me). I’m planning to continue to waitress nights + weekends for the first half of this year – while I do the creative work I talked about above during the weekdays – and revisit where I’m at and where I predict to go in the second half of the year.

• health // I’ve returned to therapy and the same doctor that helped me out of the GREAT ANXIETY of 2014. I’ve been seeing him two times a month, and this time around I’m hoping he’ll help guide me out of this funk that I can’t seem to troubleshoot myself. I also want to get back to the gym + strength training, although I don’t know when will be the best time for that to happen. Tracking my food + exercise might be a better goal to start with, and work my way to attending the gym routinely. Also, dancing. My beloved dancing. I’m definitely not at the bandwidth this year to get to the studio 4-5 times a week like I was doing two years ago, but even one social dance a month is a doable goal, I think, and will work wonders on my mood.

• the BIG CLEAN of 2018 // Since moving into my apartment, I’ve conducted a ‘BIG CLEAN’ each spring, and wipe/dust/sanitize/reorganize ever square inch of the space. This year, I aim to reorganize the closets and shelves, spruce up my office space, get new bedding (!!!), create a welcoming foyer area, and purge purge purge all the unnecessary. It’s always a good time.

Lastly, I’m listing five goals that are wrapped up in non-negotiable THINGS/EVENTS that will for sure be happening, but I want to make the most of anyway, so I’ve included them on my list + in this post. They are:

• my mom’s 60th birthday // My mom is turning 60 y/o in April + it’s my sister and my goal to make it a special day for her. She has been saying for years that she wants nothing for her 60th, but how can we NOT celebrate her?! Sis + I have some brainstorming to do, but we’ll come up with something good (I hope).

• my sister will become my next door neighbor // I mentioned this was going to be happening in a FRIDAY 5 post back in October, but sis + I have been waiting SO LONG for it to be real. She got a one-bedroom foreclosure for a really good price, but that’s what’s been taking so long — she’s had to wait (and wait and wait) for the bank. She plans to redo the kitchen and repaint the walls, and I’m excited to get to help her with this fresh start and be only a building away!

• two weddings !!! // Two of my cousins are getting married this year, one in July + one in October. I goal to dance + drink + slay on BOTH occasions.

• 1 y/o Raelyn // I’ve already teared up and shared about my little miracle wonder-sprite baby cousin turning 1 y/o HERE + HERE, but writing this down as goal for 2018 means I want to soak her up at this magical age as much as I can!

• go on 3 enthralling daytrips // I am obsessed with this goal. I’m not in a position to spend money on airfare or a ‘real’ vacation this year, but the idea that I can plan + adventure out on a local, day-long escape excites the ish outta me! I used the word ‘enthralling’ because in order for the daytrip to apply, I want it to be embarked on first thing in morning, and completely consume my day. I want there to be no room for thinking about work. I want there to be no time left over for chores. I want it to feel like a day friggin’ away. I kept the number to ‘3’ because I want them to be really thought out and FULL, and three seemed liked an achievable number for something like that. First up: The Museum of Natural History some time in the next few months.

Whew! Lots of goals going into the new year, but I am glad I got them down on paper. I was initially rejecting this, but like I said at the start these goals were bubbling up to the surface and calling me (not the other way around) to flesh them out. So I did. Here they are. Thanks for reading. I plan to do a mid-year update post + an end-year recap post inspired by this creative blogger.//

Did you also happen to notice a couple that didn’t make the list?

For one, I’ve decided to no longer continue making my This Is Us printables. That project served its purpose last year. I learned a lot about my design process through making them, and got to practice my craft in manageable chunks each week – reteaching myself about consistency in design and repetition.  I’m so thankful + proud of what I was able to create with them, and I will leave it at that. I do plan to spill my heart out in a blog post once we find out how Jack actually dies, and I’m a mess of emotion + snot. So that’s something to look forward to.

I also didn’t list my memory keeping in my Happy Planner® as a goal, or the creation of 2.0 to my original class on it. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to host a creative class on this topic or share my newfound digital approach, I just realized in the making of this goal list that it is NOT top priority to me. I think subconsciously this is because I want to begin to move away from this product that has defined me for so long, and lean toward more of what I might uniquely be able to bring to the table apart from it. That’s not to say I won’t be Happy Planning away – cause I will be – but the organic tug to find who I am creatively apart from it is a’callin’. 🙂

We shall see. // Here’s to 2018!

January 16, 2018

my 2018 goals

January 16, 2018

my 2018 goals


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