I revealed and posted about my one little word® for 2017: REFRESH yesterday on the blog, and today I’m talking about how I included it into my ‘This is Your Year’ Happy Planner® – the one I’m using to memory keep my 2017.

This is my sixth year participating in Ali Edwards’ one little word® practice, and every year I’ve created some type of visual representation of my word. In 2012, I designed a wooden stamp that I used right on top of photos that demonstrated my word ‘MOVEMENT’ that year. In 2013, I designed a different monthly mantra with my word ‘MAKE’ to fit inside a frame I looked at every morning. Some pages in a 12 x 12 pocket scrapbooking album was created with my word ‘WORK’ for 2014, and a board book in 2015 for my word ‘PROOF’. Last year. I made a specialty Happy Planner® spread for my word ‘BIG’.

This year, I went reaaaaaal basic. I self-hosted a New Years-themed quickie photoshoot in my apartment, chose my favorite photo from the bunch, and digitally added the text on top of it. Then I printed a full size photo and adhered it right on top of 2018’s ‘year at glance’ page because this book is about 2017 only. DONE!

I’m already trying to live out my word ‘REFRESH’ aesthetically through my new Happy Planner® – choosing to go with a more simple, minimalistic style. Here’s how my intro pages came out…

I like it. I can see myself using white & grey as the main color combo throughout this planner, with silver and black accent pieces, sometimes gold, and maybe a certain color pop each month. I don’t know. We’ll see. That’s my plan as of now. What I do predict as a definite is that my beloved grey MILDLINER highlighter and dark & light grey Stabilo pens will be getting a lot of use this year.

…and shall we address the white elephant in the room: my new white discs? So fresh and so clean! During my most recent trip to the mambi office back on October 2016, I stopped by the mock-up room where my girl Chandler works, and she was able to get me a batch of white and a batch of mint (not yet used, but soon) discs. So these white discs actually started out white, but I spray-painted them whiter. They had a slight lavender tint to them, so a few coats of bright white did the trick. Done & done & LOVE!

I was inspired to spray paint after Mariel (a.k.a. @momandagirlwithplans on IG) sent me over a project as part of her duties as a mambi Design Team member that showed how she spray painted a couple of batches of discs a custom color of her choice. Unfortunately, we couldn’t feature it on the company’s blog because of customer service issues that might have resulted from the technique, but I’m glad she featured it on her blog! …and so far so good on my own Happy Planner®.

I printed that New Years photo a bunch of times – in a bunch of different sizes – because when I like a photo of myself, I put it everywhere! Haa haa! …and here it is again on my intro pages! A silver foil moon die cut was included as well, and trimmed marble cardstock page I had was also cut up and added some chic flair.

I’m looking forward to what comes out of me & into this memory keeping album. I’m hoping 2017 is just as good a year to me as 2016 was. Bye 2016. Hi 2017. Let’s do it!

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January 2, 2017

memory keeping 2017 // my one little word & intro pages

January 2, 2017

memory keeping 2017 // my one little word & intro pages


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