I recently moved into a new apartment, and have a few blank walls that still need to be filled. On the one behind the couch, I had the idea to use these large 8″ letter stencils I had gotten a couple of years ago, and spell out ‘CUDDLE SEASON’ – which was a phrase my boyfriend, John, used a while back to ease me out of my beloved summer season. Who knew months later I’d pull it out of a text message and turn into art on my wall? Creativity is funny like that.

These two new me & my BIG ideas Christmas paper pads from Michael’s are chock full of the cutest holiday repeat patterns — a couple of black & white ones, red foil galore, those golf foil hand drawn stars (!!!) … and they all work so well next to one another.

Supplies needed:

  • mambiSHEETS holiday paper pad(s)
  • plain white cardstock
  • large letter stencils
  • pencil; scissors; glue dot runner; painter’s tape

Steps used to create this project:

  1. Line up the twelve mambiSHEETS you’re going to use for each letter. Interchange the real dark & complex patterns (like in the ‘U’ and ‘A’) with the softer, lighter patterns (used in the ‘L’ and ‘O’).
  2. Use the big letter stencil to trace the letter on the back of the mambiSHEETS. For extra support, trace the letter a second time on plain white cardstock as well.
  3. Adhere the cardstock letter to the back of the mambiSHEETS letter.
  4. Use blue painter’s tape on the backs of the letters and adhere them to the wall, starting with the last letter of ‘CUDDLE’ and the first letter of ‘SEASON’ Then, work your way outward.

Above is shot of my boyfriend John and I form this past Sunday. We’re cuddling under the covers with bowls of ice cream & the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead – putting the sentiment of my project into real life practice. I love when a craft is created at just the right time and in the right place to bring to life happy moments like this.

December 4, 2015


December 4, 2015



  1. jessicarrodarte@yahoo.com

    December 4th, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    I loooove this!

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