My month-long movement challenge a mile a day in March BEGINS TODAY! I’m amped and ready to get my blood flowing and my focus on a physical goal. For me, I plan to achieve this physical goal by completing five routine things each day. These five things translate into my daily plan of action, and I’ve listed them below:


Being that this is a movement challenge (surprise, surprise) I plan to MOVE. I already know I’ll be dancing Salsa for two hours on Wednesdays and Bachata for a hour and half on Sundays, so I know those two days are covered. For the remaining days of the week, I will ensure I get out and move for 1 mile, even if it’s a leisurely, lazy, grumpy 1 mile walk. I’m hoping one day I’ll bike it. Maybe on an ambitious day, I’ll run it. Maybe I’ll dig up my old rollerblades and skate it. If I get to the gym, I’m going to count my session as ‘a mile’ — as long as I’m doing some type of moving everyday.


I plan to track my miles using the RunKeeper app, and document however I move using the One Second Everyday app. Of course, I’ll also be posting a daily image to Instagram with the hashtag #amileadayinMarch.



Using the Daily Tracker printables I created, I’m going to check in everyday and track how my mile(s) went. I find that writing the story helps you assess how the journey of your movement went. Sometimes you start out feeling grumpy, but by the end feel happy you did it. This will motivate you to push through negative emotions that might come up.

I also find writing a sentence or two about what motivated you through your movement (a song, a podcast, a book, a mantra, a vision of yourself in a new outfit, the weather, a workout partner) — WHATEVER IT IS — is useful and important information. Tap into this info on future days of the challenge.

See how I completed this last year HERE.


What? Huh? ME?! Memory Keep?! DUH! That’s, like, all I do! FOR ME (and you totally don’t have to) I process progress through photos and words. I cheerlead myself through life by documenting successes and failures, and waking up the next day to do better or keep keeping on. I know a pretty page with my jogged or running feet will motivate me to do it again the next day, so that’s why this a crucial step (FOR ME) to include in my daily plan of action for a mile a day in March.

For some people, setting the parameters of one Instagram post a day is enough to keep them with it. For you guys, MORE POWER TO YA! (Make sure to tag me @amandarosezamp so I can cheer you on!)


These things are soooooo much easier said then done, right? Nevertheless, they are a part of my daily plan of action for this month. I want to see a difference in my body by the end of these 31 days. More so, I want to FEEL a difference. I know eating right = feeling right, and so I know it needs to be a part of this challenge…like, no excuses and I love you, but goodbye Wendy’s drive-thru. ( Check out #ARZ_mealsforreals for ideas. )

Hydrate and sleep. I must say, I’m already pretty good at drinking water and blowing Zzzs. This will not be a major change from my norm, but if you are a soda/juice/punch/beer/wine/sweet tea/coffee over-do-it drinker, you HAVE to sneak your water in there too. No fainting on my watch!

Sleep. Sleep to recharge. Sleep to rest muscles. Sleep to be able to get at it again with vigor and enthusiasm the next day. ‘Repeat’ makes it a habit. I’m challenging you to habitualize for 31 days, love. Are up for it? Of course you are, you firecracker, you!

In a nutshell ^ that’s my daily plan of action. You can keep up to date with me on Instagram @amandarosezamp, and I’ll be blogging about the challenge on this space as I see fit, or as topics come up to address.

If you want to and haven’t already, you can download the printables I created for the challenge and watch a video on how I’m going to use them >> HERE <<

Now let’s kick March’s butt one mile at a time!

March 1, 2016

a mile a day in March 2016 // my daily plan of action

March 1, 2016

a mile a day in March 2016 // my daily plan of action



    March 2nd, 2016 at 12:13 am

    I am exercising every day, but Sundays, mostly at the gym after work, but also hoping to get in some walks and maybe running! A mile or 25 minutes minimum. I am using your calendar square printables to record in my planner. I am going to work more on healthy eating next month, but I did give up soda for lent.

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