I might be a week late to the Planner Line-Up ‘listing party’, but here it is for those of you who want to know, nonetheless. I am going into 2018 with six (!!!) different planner systems in my arsenal, and this is the blog post explaining what I plan to use each one of them for.

I didn’t veer tremendously from the line-up I used in 2017, but I do have a couple of new things I’m trying. I also got more clear going into this year about what worked, what didn’t, and how to better move forward with the things that remained the same. // Here’s my 2018 line-up, and speaking of staying the same, let’s start with my beloved, BIG Happy Planner®…

I am using the BIG ‘Modern Simple’ Happy Planner® as my fully functional ‘planner’ planner. You can get frequent updates on it by exploring its IG hashtag #ARZ_fullyfunctionalHappyPlanner. I plan to keep two-to-three months of it inside of the Rose Gold Snap-In Hard Cover, and change out the discs every few months.

Of course, I plan to lay my monthly Planner Strips over the daily columns of the weekly pages to provide lines and times for each day. I’ve been doing this July 2016, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon! I love my big, full functional, planner-stripped, ‘get things done’ workhorse planner.

MY PROCESS: I decorate each month the week before the month begins, so it’s pretty and clean and makes me want to open it up and look at it. However, once the week hits and I have to accomplish tasks, I take no prisoners! Lists, lists, and more lists! Bills to pay, goals to reach, calls to make, events to attend, highlights, sticky notes, washi tape…! I don’t hold back and each page gets jam-packed with proof of productivity!

Ahhhh…my pride & joy & baby! My memory keeping Happy Planner®. This will be my third year memory keeping solely in a Happy Planner® + this year I’ve decided to use the ‘2018’ portion of the CLASSIC ‘Modern Marble’ design. For me, the size is perfect (not too big or small), and I have completely taken to documenting within a planner’s dated grid-template. So fun + efficient!

The system I developed for myself in 2016 of filling the pages worked SO WELL that I was able to create a class on Big Picture Classes called “Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner®” teaching it to my fellow planner babes. You can get glimpses into my first memory planner at this IG hashtag: #ARZ_memorykeeping2016.

Now, last year for 2017, I changed it up a bit , and adapted a digital-hybrid approach to filling the pages. I created the weekly grid in Photoshop, and filled it day by day with photos + journalling, leaving spaces for stickers and other embellishments I knew I wanted to include. I then printed out this page at the end of the week, trimmed it down to size, filled the spaces I left, and then adhered it to my planner page for that week. You can see glimpses of it at this hashtag: #ARZ_memorykeeping2017. It’s been wonderful, and I plan to continue the digital style this year as well. (I know a lot of you have asked me to share more about this, but I haven’t decided yet how I want to do so. Another class? Maybe self-hosted this time? We’ll see.)

I’m so excited about this one: Lara Casey’s POWERSHEETS® Intentional Goal Planner. My fellow #plannerbabe + beautiful friend Nita Patterson sent it back in summer 2017 as the sweetest gift to mark my leaving me & my BIG ideas and embarking on this creative journey on my own. I have been filling in its beginning pages, and am SO into it!

With pages calling you to write about what your most fulfilling year yet would look like, what you’re saying ‘YES’ to and what’re you’re going to say ‘NO’ to…it feels like a printed life coach. I’m hopeful that it will work wonders to get me back into the swing of things these first six months of the year.

In conjunction with my new POWERSHEETS® planner, I’m going to try out the new ‘Trendsetter’ layout from The Happy Planner® for my Career Journal. Its purpose is to provide a place where I can journal feelings or quotes or one or two tasks I completed that are working to get me closer to where I want to be. It’s been providing great motivation, and keeping me clear on my goals. I shared a  flip through of it on my Instagram a while back, but that’s when I used a horizontal planner.

Trendsetter’s layout provides a quick little bulleted list for each day, and a spread at the start of each month for ‘monthly overview’ goal setting. I’m curious to see how I take to this format as the year goes on.

Oh, hey there MINI Fitness Planner! I’m excited to jump back into you. // I first wrote about using a MINI Happy Planner® Fitness Planner in this post explaining that I had used the CLASSIC size Fitness Planner for a year and LOVED it, but was so excited about the smaller, portable version!

I’ve shared my past pages on the hashtag #ARZ_miniFitnessPlanner and while the MINI Happy Planners® in general are wayyyyyy too small for me, I discovered that the smaller size for food + exercise tracking works perfectly. The smaller size allows me to get right to the point, and not feel like I have ‘all this space’ to fill up. Also, the size has helped me w/ portion control without calorie or point counting. I literally say to myself each day: Amanda, eat only what you can write in these tiny boxes. Wah lah! No food is off limits, but the constant, nonstop binging of it is…because I wouldn’t be able to fit it in my MINI planner! I also try to fill the daily exercise area with one intentional movement activity per day, and I enjoy completing the ‘progress selfie’ reflection page at the end of each month.

I love a good, massive organizational tool. Give me everything large scale. // A few years ago, I had a Stendig hanging in my bedroom, and every morning I would wake up to those big black & white numbers calling me to make the most of them. I haven’t utilized a wall calendar since those days, and working for The Happy Planner® the past 3 years, I always felt like I had enough calendars to juggle.

Then, my dad passed this FREE Bleiberg Plumbing Supplies PROMO Wall Calendar my way, and as it turns out, I really missed having a wall calendar. …a large, displayed, always visible, color-coded month-at-glance type of editorial calendar for my various creative projects.

Since realizing this, I’ve been on the hunt for a ‘cuter’ wall calendar, and will be posting about the findings of my research soon, but until then, this one was FREE, and it’s working, so…I don’t plan to replace it (yet).

And there you have it. Welcome to 2018, planners. Ya made the cut! I’m curious to see how they will take me through what I hope to be a year filled with limitless light + love — a ‘push’ year forwarding me toward achieving my big goals!

In the latest episode of Crafty Ass Female, the new podcast I cohost, I talk in more detail about the planners in this post. Kristin and I also discuss putting life’s ‘negotiables’ & ‘non-negotiables’ into our planner, how early we plan in advance, & answer the very frequently asked question: “Do you throw out your old, used planners?” GASP! // Check that episode out HERE.

In the end, it’s all just paper play, meant to make mundane daily tasks a little more fun, right? Let’s try not to forget that!

To read more about my earlier experiences with The Happy Planner®, check out this post + this post. // Also, follow me on IG @amandarosezamp to get the latest updates. // xoxo

January 8, 2018

my 2018 planner line-up

January 8, 2018

my 2018 planner line-up


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