I have been using a Happy Planner® since March 2015 – before they even hit the market. At this point, I can say I am an expert on the system, and have learned these past two years how to best use it to meet my everyday needs.

I am going into 2017 with seven (SEVEN!!!) disc-bound Happy Planners® in my arsenal, and this is the blog post explaining what I plan to use each one of them for.

Keep in mind: even though I’ve created seven designated Happy Planners®, only three of those will be filled in daily. The other four are extra notebooks/journals/planners for specific creative or organizational purposes. Starting with my three daily planners, here’s my 2017 line up…

my BIG ‘Get Things Done’ Happy Planner®

I am using the BIG ‘Make Things Happen’ Happy Planner® as my fully functional ‘planner’ planner. You can get frequent updates on it by exploring its hashtag #ARZ_fullyfunctionalHappyPlanner. I plan to keep two-to-three months of it inside of the Rose Gold Snap-In Hard Cover, and change out the discs every month.

Since July, I’ve been designing my own ‘Planner Strips’ to lay over the daily columns of the weekly pages to provide lines and times for each day. I customize the strips with my morning routine and evening dance classes, so I don’t have to waste time and pen ink writing them in over and over.

I’ve gotten many comments and requests to make these Planner Strips available as a download, and I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I will. Perhaps a definitive answer will reveal itself in 2017, but for now, I print them out for myself, and they really do help me stay more organized.

my memory keeping Happy Planner® for 2017

Ahhhh…my pride & joy & baby! My memory keeping Happy Planner®. I’ve used the twelve months of 2016 in the original ‘My Life’ Happy Planner® to document my January through December of this year. The system of filling the pages I developed for myself worked SO WELL that I was able to create a class on Big Picture Classes called “Memory Keeping in The Happy Planner®” teaching it to my fellow planner babes.

Most of this blog this year has been posts sharing pages from this very planner, I’ve posted flip-throughs of this planner on YouTube, and it’s probably my most-viewed hashtag on Instagram with over 150 tags: #ARZ_memorykeeping2016.

For #ARZ_memorykeeping2017, I shall be using my beloved CLASSIC sized ‘This Is Your Year’ Happy Planner® with all its black & white & chic simplistic glory! It’s going to be a challenge to use the minimal color palette, but I’m up for it, and I’m excited to share more — including how I documented my one little word® for 2017 on one of its first pages. SO CUTE! I DIE!

my MINI Fitness Planner

Oh, my MINI Fitness Planner! I first wrote about it in this post back in October, explaining that I had used the CLASSIC size Fitness Planner for a year and LOVED it, but was so excited about the smaller, portable version!

I’ve been using it for the past two months and sharing it with the hashtag #ARZ_miniFitnessPlanner (yes, my three main Happy Planners® have their own hashtags…what? you’re don’t?) on Instagram. While the new mini Happy Planners® seemed wayyy to small for me, and I couldn’t envision choosing them over my beloved BIG or cLASSIC size, using the mini for fitness works perfectly for me.

BIG Happy Planner® Sketchbook

CLASSIC Budget Planner

Using extra covers from the BIG ‘Kaleidoscope’ Happy Planner® and two packs of extra discs, I created an 8.5 x 11″ outer skeleton for what I hope to fill with plain printer paper of sketches that I punch with The Happy Planner® PUNCH. WAH LAH: I created a Happy Planner® Sketchbook. …and now knowing I have a place to store sketches and doodles, I’ll be likely to make more of them.

I was thoroughly impressed when I flipped through the new Happy Planner® BUDGET Extension Pack back in October when I visited the mambi office…so much so, I knew with the turn of the year, I’d want to try it out for myself. To create mine, above, I took the specialty cover from the ‘Color Your World’ Happy Planner® and slid in the ‘Budget Planner’ title page from the extension page (I trimmed the tab off so it would fit).

mambi notebook

Rose Gold Horizontal CAREER JOURNAL

Above is a notebook I created to house important info for my job as the Social Media coordinator of me & my BIG ideas. It contains all the contact info of the girls on the Design Team, and stuff like that. Also, just extra filler paper and hourly sheets in case I need them.

Finally, my Rose Gold Horizontal Happy Planner® that I use as my Career Journal. The horizontal layout works well to journal feelings or quotes or one or two tasks I completed that’s getting me closer to where I want to be. It’s been providing great motivation, and keeping me clear on my goals. I shared a flip through of it on my Instagram back in September.

…and that’s my seven! I’m anxious to see how they will take me through what I hope to be my most creative, organized, and productive year yet! In the end, it’s just paper play, and meant to make mundane daily tasks a little more fun, right? Let’s try not to forget that!

See hear more about my 2016 with The Happy Planner®, read this postthis post.
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December 27, 2016

my 2017 planner line up

December 27, 2016

my 2017 planner line up


  1. pattya@outlook.com

    December 27th, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    What a great line up of planners! I’m looking forward to taking your class when I have some down time in January (will be at home recovering from surgery). 🙂

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