…another week, another bunch of This Is US cards from yours truly! While the second episode of season 2 was a little slower paced, it was still jam packed with touching moments, scenes that pierced my heart, and wonderful Toby-isms! Haa haa! How ’bout this one: “Miguel can get stuff too! Ya’ll been sleepin’ on my boy Miguel! Miguel gets no love, and I feel that pain! Miguel and I? We’re simpatico! …two swarthy outsiders with exotic names.” Yesss! I love!

You can download these few with the following link:


…and you guys! CLUES?! I haven’t been forgetting to keep an eye out for clues about Jack’s death. The ending of the first episode had a bunch and they were kind of in your face, but episode 2? The clues were muuuuuuch more subtle. Did you pick up on repetition of the helicopter sound? …and when Jack was in the boxing gym, under the ceiling fan? Ohhhhh boy. It’s coming, yawl (New Yorker version of ya’ll).

I, of course, put mine in my This Is Us pocket card album, as you can see above. To see how others are using the cards, check out the #THISISUSprintables hashtag on Instagram! YEAH!

Also, did you notice the new planner component? I changed it up from last weeks…made it in the style that NBC has been advertising the series this season. I placed it on the bottom of Tuesday’s column, right on top of my planner strip.

That’s what I got for you today, planner babes, memory keepers, This Is Us watchers, and paper crafters! // Have fun and happy watching tonight! xoxo!

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