Hiiii, babes! If you’re here and you’re reading, you’re probably curious about my Happy Planner™ plans. (Haa haa! Planning for a planner…that’s some inception shit.) I talked about this same thing back in February, but the plans have changed a bit since then.

Below, I explain in a 20-minute video how I plan to use the BIG 8.5 x 11″ ‘Stay Golden’ Happy Planner™ as my ‘get things done’ Happy Planner™, the new Fitness Planner for tracking my food intake and exercise output, and the older ‘My Life’ Happy Planner™ w/ new rings & the ‘Hello Life’ cover as my memory keeping planner. You can see the difference between my two planners in a flip-through HERE.

I use this planner for daily lists, tasks, To Dos, and pure function. It’s messy and filled with sloppy handwriting and sticky notes and thousands of highlighted list items. You can see a peek inside of my old one HERE, and see how the end of the first day planning in my BIG Happy Planner™ came out below.

My planner strips are really helping me with my ‘get things done’ type planning. They’re so functional, and with the extra space in the BIG planner, I am rocking and rolling with it. I’m excited to make pages of my planner strip designs available to purchase and download soon, so you can include them in your planners to up its functionally and make it work better for you.

Fitness is something I need to track. Plain and simple. Some weeks I need to track more than others, but having a Fitness Planner and being able to log my food, see accumulated exercises throughout the month, and have a designated place to journal and ‘talk’ myself through stuff is crucial for me to achieve my fitness goals.

Above is how I have July set up and ready to go, including those adorable little scale stickers where I can log my weight in every Monday! ADORE! They come in this new mega sticker value pack by me & my BIG ideas.

Oh, my memory keeping Happy Planner™, how I love you so. I use this planner for photos, journalling about my life, keeping track of thoughts, and as a creative outlet. It was the best decision I could have made for my documenting process because it’s made it new to me again, and makes it quick and efficient.

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To view my past planner pages, go HERE.

June 29, 2016

my mid-year Happy Planner™ plans // SPOILER: 3 working planners!!!

June 29, 2016

my mid-year Happy Planner™ plans // SPOILER: 3 working planners!!!


  1. bronzerbunny@gmail.com

    June 30th, 2016 at 5:09 am

    Thanks for sharing! I’m really considering the fitness planner, because I’ve been using the inserts the last few weeks. I’ll be curious to see what you put on your monthly layout for the fitness planner – I’m really stumped on that one lol. I love my hello life planner so far too! Also, I love your memory planning layouts! I do project life otherwise I would TOTALLY do this! 🙂

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