January 8, 2018


my 2018 planner line-up

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I might be a week late to the Planner Line-Up ‘listing party’, but here it is for those of you who want to know, nonetheless. I am going into 2018 with six (!!!) different planner systems in my arsenal, and this is the blog post explaining what I plan to use each one of them for. I didn’t […]

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January 3, 2017


behind the scenes // my New Years Photoshoot

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I thought I’d share a behind the scenes look at my New Year photo that I’ve been posting everywhere lately. I know whenever I come across someone’s fun self-portrait or photoshoot project, the social media buff in me goes into ‘detective’ mode and tries to analyze how it was created, a possibly strategize how I could […]

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January 2, 2017

MEMORY KEEPING, one little word®, PLANNER

memory keeping 2017 // my one little word & intro pages

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I revealed and posted about my one little word® for 2017: REFRESH yesterday on the blog, and today I’m talking about how I included it into my ‘This is Your Year’ Happy Planner® – the one I’m using to memory keep my 2017. This is my sixth year participating in Ali Edwards’ one little word® […]

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January 1, 2016

one little word®

Cheers to 2015: my year of PROOF!

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Oh, 2015: you have exceeded my expectations. I started you a year ago on my hands and knees asking for PROOF. PROOF that good things are going to happen. PROOF that love is alive.  PROOF that God answers prayers. PROOF that all my fears are just white noise in my brain. PROOF that all my waiting […]

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