My favorite day of winter is Christmas Eve. Yep…like, oh it’s so cold. White Christmas, maybe? Like the song? No? Cool. …and then Christmas Eve + Christmas fly by in an instant — all this build up for one split second — and it’s a new year, and I’m literally over it. // I’ve already started getting home decor magazines in the mail with the words “SPRING IN FULL BLOOM” on the cover, and clothing magazines advertising this year’s swimsuit collection. I get it, because once the holidays are over, I want to fast forward to May too.

New York City public schools got a snow day today. It’s been about 25 degrees and lower here. Today: snow. Tonight: a big freeze of that snow.  I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to share my winter uniform with you guys.

It starts with a beanie. Lately, it’s been two, or a fleece headband that covers my ears and then a beanie.

I layer on top of my torso. First a long sleeve, clingy sweater dress. It’s black, it’s Calvin Klein, and it’s warm. Tight to my body, so no draft can enter. It’s long, so it will stay put and not ride up and expose lower back to bone chilling air.

On to of that I put on this fleece jacket thingy. Also black, with a popped collar. I wrap myself tightly in this one before layering my Northface® winter coat on top.

Two pairs LulaRoe on my legs, and if you ask me: this is where they shine. I don’t know how I used to layer itchy leggings on top of one another in the past. LR’s super soft material makes them perfect for double-pantsing. I’ve been layering a tall+curvy pair on top of a one-size pair. This has been working wonders, and now I want a bunch more pairs of both sizes.

I finish with thick, bunched up winter socks inside of my Ugg boots. What did we do before Ugg boots? I don’t care to remember.

And there you have it: my winter uniform…literally what I look like the first four months of every year. It’s not cute. It’s warm. It’s my best attempt at function + comfort when the air outside is piercing my face like little frozen bee stings, and don’t get me started on what happens when my dry, pale winter skin starts itching like MAD with all these layers on top.

Dreams of warmer weather naturally follow, along with visions of myself sporting more than one look.

January 4, 2018

my winter uniform

January 4, 2018

my winter uniform


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