I can’t believe I am on my third & final 6×8 Simple Stories SN@P! album of 2015, and here I am with the title page of album 3! I kept the same title page template that I used for album 1 and album 2: four 3×4 inserts, one being a current photo of myself. Gold glitter washi to be used on the seam, a journal card, a statement card, and a card referencing my one little word for 2015: PROOF.

Like my past two Project Life title pages for 2015, I also chose a jumbo mambiSTICKS sticker to guide my next four months, and I chose the gold foil ‘Happily Grateful’ from this pack. I adhered it to a trimmed-to-size transparency and layered it on top.

‘A’ could have easily been for ‘Amanda’ but the top, left card of each title page always referenced my one little word for 2015: PROOF. In album 1, the card called for my Jan – April to be spent ‘finding’ proof. In album 2, the card referenced me having found a little proof and in this album, all the proof has sent me into this last third of the year just…happy. Happily grateful.

The top, right card is my specialty card. I had been saving it for a special occasion and album 3’s title page is pretty special, if you ask me. Plus, it went so splendidly well with the whole black, white, and gold theme I was going for.

Finally, the bottom right card on this page is my journal card. It talks about how I’m feeling and what I’m hoping going into the next few months, and I embellished it with these sweet, puffy golf plus stickers from Studio Calico.

Also worth noting: this is the third album I adhered mambiSTICKS stickers too. Unlike album 1 and album 2’s inside covers, however, this album included white and gold stickers. September through December of this magical year feels like it’s bursting gold with potential, and gold has felt right with this album so far.

Click the images below to flip through all three album’s intro pages…
…because it’s fun to compare and why not?!

October 22, 2015

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3

October 22, 2015

Project Life 2015 // intro page of album 3


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