It is no secret that I think I hit the jackpot mega lotto with my two grandmothers. They are both strong and warm and kind and giving and excellent cooks and the epitome of what a great woman and grandmother should be. My Nana (dad’s mom) passed away in 2002, but I am very grateful that my mother’s mom, my Grams, is alive and winning at life!

Last week, from Tuesday through Saturday, my sister and I escaped from New York’s prolonged winter weather, hopped on a plane, and retreated to Grams’ Florida Condo (#21 on my 30 IN 30 list). If you follow me on instagram, then you probably saw some of what I called #partyatGrams2015. It was more of a hang out than a party, but if you know my Grams, then you’d know any hang out with her is so fun that it feels like a party.

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The trip was perfection. My cousins Claudia and Ryan joined my sister and I, and the four days felt like a hot tub haze of sunshine and laughter and toasty skin and really delicious meals and strong coffee and card games and some of my favorite people on the planet and warmth and love. The stuff ‘the good life’ is made of.

I’m happy to be back home and back in my routine, but oh, how I enjoyed myself! I recently caught the scene in Scent of a Woman when Al Pacino almost kills himself, but then doesn’t, and sort of makes peace with it by singing the lyrics “…did ya ever have the feeling that you wanted to go…and still had the feeling that you wanted to stay?…” It perfectly described how I felt about getting on our return flight to NY.

Even still, I soaked up every moment. I tap danced in the ocean. I catapulted myself in the pool. I did salsa in my Grams’ living room. I treated my family to a hearty Cracker Barrel breakfast. I taught my Grams and Great Aunt Tina how to play Cards Against Humanity (#22 on my 30 IN 30 list). I laughed until my head hurt. I straightened my hair, put on heels, and felt beautiful. I stared at the sun in the day. I gazed at the stars in the night. I had a quacking conversation with ducks. I was where I belonged. I reveled in every single second.

April 7, 2015

the 4-day visit to South Florida that was #partyatGrams2015

April 7, 2015

the 4-day visit to South Florida that was #partyatGrams2015


  1. Ryan

    November 16th, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    The fun times we had indeed! ♥

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