Hi, friends. Let’s talk getting back in shape. Over the past two years, a number of things have contributed to my feeling out of shape. The first thing was changing careers from teaching to graphic design. I swapped rushing around in the morning to make it to school on time and walking up and down three flights of stairs to pick up kids everyday, for working from home and sitting on my butt in front of a computer for hours. The booty suffered.

The second thing was moving to Texas. Big, meat and mac&Cheese loving, barbecuing Texas. I stress-ate because the change was a lot for me to handle, plus I work from home on my computer and sat on my butt all day (did I mention that?). I ate often and a lot, and Texan. Oh boy.

The third thing undoubtedly has been turning 30. Holy metabolism slow down! I feel heavier (I am) and I feel like I have to work harder (I do) than I ever have before.

With these three things contributing to my feeling out of shape, I decided to set a goal (#17 on my 30 in 30 list) to get back down to my magic weight number. My magic weight number is flexible and has changed over the years, but it’s a number on the scale that:

  1. I can achieve
  2. I can maintain
  3. makes me feel good in my clothes
  4. makes me feel physically capable and strong

Those four components are crucial, and what make it magic. Striving to ‘have a belly like JLo or a something like someone else’ or ‘be a certain number because you were once that number in high school’ is not doing you and your body any service. Your body knows what feels good. Listen to it, and it’ll tell you your magic weight number.

So I’m getting back in shape, and I created a hashtag #ARZ_backinshape to document my working to get myself back down to my magic weight number. I wanted to get a personal trainer, but I found the next best thing (maybe better thing) in the gym I’ve been going to since I got back to New York in December. It’s a bootcamp workout – with stations of strength training – and works like a session with a personal trainer, except you’re in a group of people and all the attention is not on you.

I’m excited to continue my gym classes. I’m excited for the weather to warm, so I can start jogging again. I’m excited to share my progress with you all. I’m excited to continue to get stronger, physically and emotionally, and mend my broken heart one healthy choice at a time.

How do you maintain excitement to get back in shape?
What activities contribute to your magic weight number?

February 25, 2015

getting back in shape

February 25, 2015

getting back in shape


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