recent pins // oct 2017

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These are some pinned images I’ve recently added to my Pinterest account. To look at them collectively, you can tell what mood I’m in and where my brain’s been at. // Yep, back to doing a recent pins post and this time for October because I felt like it today. Sometimes I wonder what the point is of these, and then I remember…oh, it’s to check into what I’ve been drawn to this month. …and, oh, you like these. Duh.

Black & white and bone grey. Do you blame me? Easy Halloween crafts. The moon and the night. Birds in flight. Taking off. Cats #alldayerryday. Cats on my head, on my chest, curled up in the crook behind my bent knees. Please + thank you.

…having a really tough time with my phone lately, like it’s this thing I’m obligated to. Then I check myself on this feeling, like whaaaaa???…sometimes I feel brainwashed by it. …trying to figure out how to break out of that, like BIG TIME, while still bring relevant and connected.

…and then there’s an underlying theme of ‘go do what you should be doing and know you deserve it.’  Yeah, that. …and really tight finger crossing on both hands and both feet for it. // xoxo