planner strips // October 2017

With only two days until October, I might be late in bringing these up, but HERE THEY ARE anyway! The first run of my Planner Strips (these cute pumpkin-orange colored ones) are now available to my e-mail newsletter subscribers! Not yet signed up? No problem! Subscribe below!



WHAT ARE PLANNER STRIPS? They are printable designs I created over a year ago to lay atop my Happy Planner® pages in order for the blank daily columns to become hourly + lined. (Visit this hashtag to see how I’ve used them in the past: #ARZ_PlannerStrips.)

THE SCOOP ON ‘EM: Basically, they’ve changed my functional planning for the better! I’m a person that needs the lines and hours for optimal organization. Once I print them out, trim them down, and prep the upcoming month with them — I add my stickers and embellishments right on top!

They come in the CLASSIC size or BIG, and I plan to release a new set each month, changing up the color for added fun and flair.

Below is a video walk-through all about my Planner Strips: what they are, the tools I use, and the process I follow each month to include them in my planner. NOTE: I start to bleed at 6:50 in the video, but I managed to salvage the finger. 😉

I am so thankful for your visit today, and for letting me share my off beat designs with you! These designs are a bunch I thought would be just as helpful to you girls in the planner community as they have been to me. // I would appreciate it – if you do decide to download, print, and use these designs – to give me a little shout out! A tag on IG to direct others to where they could find the materials would be awesome. …also, feedback or suggestions for other type of designs you’d like to see are welcomed. Woo! Have a great weekend! xoxo