100 Days of REFRESHMENT // a quarter way through

The first 25 days of my #100DaysofREFRESHMENT project are documented on my printout, and here’s the post about what it has been like for me thus far. I decided to go digital with the journalling and the images because (1) digitally documenting has been fun for me lately, (2) it’s been saving me tons of time, and (3) I like font better than my handwriting most days. Simple as that and I plan on sticking’ to it.

I wrote in my original post that this listing project was my best attempt to slow myself down, pay attention to these last few weeks of 2017 we have left, and answer the question: HOW WILL I SPEND THE REST OF THE YEAR TAKING CARE OF ME?

How will I listen to my true self that wants me to feel, flow, and adjust calmly to the tide? …that wants me to reconnect with who I am, what I love, and all that’s around me…move through the world slowly, stop and look around.

Looking back at the last 25 simple, conscious self-care activities I’ve listed, what I noticed is they can be broken up into two categories: (1) activities that were planned gatherings or set events, or (2) activities that were spontaneous choices to do something in the moment that helped me in some way.

Two Christenings, watching This Is Us, taking classes at the library – all planned events that I knew would get me out, or make me social, or relaxed, or focused, or creative…whatever – keep me in the moment and in flow. I purposely pencilled them in, to know I had these checkpoints of big, refreshing activities to look forward to.

On days I didn’t have these checkpoints, I felt myself become more aware of my surroundings, and what my true self wanted to participate in. I thought I would have been more proactive in my refreshment on these days, almost declaring out loud what with my fist in the air what I was going to do for myself.

I’ve been surprised that on these open days the opposite has actually taken place — I’ve gotten more still, more quiet, and turned inward asking what do you want to do today? …what do you want to do right now, in this moment? …not ‘what do you think you have to do?’ MAJOR DIFFERENCE between the two.

I still want to fit a hot bubble bath into the mix, but I have three-quarters left of this project to do so. That gives me plenty of time.

Other than that, I’ll be keeping to the sweet routine I’ve established with this project: tune into myself everyday and give a good hard listen, then wake up the next morning and record what I heard and acted upon…sometimes with a photo, sometimes not.  It’s been sustainable. It’s been creative. It’s been refreshing.

…and I feel it working. I’m learning to make ‘rebooting myself’ a habit, as an alternative to incessant hustle. // It’s been a happy project.

Anyone out there participating?
What is something you could do today to refresh yourself?